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Pittville street lane

I presented an innovative proposal for the demolition and reconstruction of the old water tower in Portobello. Though no longer involved with the project, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride for the design I put forward, and had the client relationship not broken down I am convinced that it would have got over the line with the planners.

The old water tower had served its purpose for many years but had become outdated and dilapidated. This was as an opportunity to create a structure that would not only serve as a fantastic family home, but also add value to the surrounding community. We wanted to create a design that was modern, visually striking, and contextually appropriate,the retention of the laundry building allowed that. 

Our design was characterized by a unique gradient of concrete, which was inspired by the ephemeral marks left on the sand. This feature allowed the building to be grounded in its context, while still standing out as a visually stunning landmark.

As with any project, I invested a significant amount of time and effort into the design process, absorbing change after change. 

Unfortunately, as with any work, client relationships can break down, and this was the case with the old water tower project. It was a real shame, as I had developed a deep emotional connection with the design, and it had the potential to become a truly iconic structure.