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house in the wood

Scotland’s natural beauty is renowned throughout the world, and the Scottish Highlands are a particular jewel in its crown. The rugged terrain, picturesque vistas, and diverse flora and fauna are a constant source of inspiration to architects and designers seeking to integrate their work with the natural landscape.

One aspect of Scottish architecture that has garnered particular attention in recent years is the rural vernacular. This style is characterized by the use of locally sourced materials such as stone, slate, and timber, and the integration of buildings with their surrounding landscape.

In the Highlands, this style has been used to great effect in creating buildings that complement their surroundings and blend seamlessly into the natural environment. From traditional croft houses to contemporary eco-homes, the use of local materials and vernacular design principles creates a sense of harmony and continuity between the built and natural environments.

The rural vernacular is not only visually striking but also environmentally sustainable. By using locally sourced materials and traditional building techniques, buildings can be designed to be energy-efficient and ecologically responsible.

To be given the opportunity to work in this part of the country was incredible, and I am absolutely delighted with how this wonderful project has turned out. It involved completely refurbishing a house that was as old as I am to create a holiday home in the stunning Scottish Highlands