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After ten years as A449 we rebranded in 2019

Renaming my successful architectural practice was a significant decision, and it was essential to choose a name that accurately reflected the values and identity of the business.

Changing the name from A449 to Haar was a meaningful and thoughtful decision that references the etymology of the names of my children and the part of the world where I have spent the last 25 years.

Haar was a fitting choice as it refers to the coastal fog that is common in Scotland, evoking images of mystery, beauty, and intrigue. This name aligns with the Scottish roots of my practice and serves as a memorable and distinctive brand for my business.

Renaming the practice as Haar serves as a powerful symbol of my commitment to family, heritage, location and clients. The name represents a new chapter in the business, one that is grounded in the past, but looks towards the future with optimism and creativity.




Matthew Johnson